You dream it up...
we'll figure out a way to make it work!

Door Frames



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Commercial Cabinetry

Ideal Building Supply's custom milling division offers the perfect solution for those special touches that make your home or workplace construction or remodeling stand above the rest.

Problem:  The 150 year old house you are remodeling is missing a few sections of intricate floor mounding, something that was crafted by hand when the house was built. Now what do you do?

Solution:  Send Ideal a drawing or photo, along with exact measurements, and let them make it for you. 

Problem:  You saw the most beautiful doorway while driving around looking at houses, took a picture of it, but your builder can't find the supplier anywhere (probably because it was custom made).

Solution:  Let Ideal's custom milling people take a look at your photo. It's a pretty good bet they will be able to recreate it for you.

Problem:  You want a graceful, curved stairway leading to the second floor of your office, but building radial treads was not something your contractor was willing to tackle.

Solution:  Have your contractor get in touch with Ideal.  Radial treads are all in a days work for their custom milling division.

Problem:  Your company is renovating an old school to be used as an office building.  The original doorways are massive and have transoms at the top and columns on either side. But two of the doorways are damaged and need to be rebuilt to match the others.

Solution:  Call in a representative from Ideal and let their skilled craftsmen reconstruct the pieces your building contractors are not able to create.

Problem:  Your grandfather left enough rough-cut oak stored in his barn to floor the living room and dining room in your new house. But its a long way from being a floor.

Solution:  Bring it to Ideal.  They can finish it and tongue-and-grove it so your builders can easily install it.