The people at Ideal Building Supply are much more than sales representatives. We are carpenters and masons and roofers...we know our materials and are here to help you choose just what you need for your construction projects.  From decks, playhouses and docks to renovations and new building constructions, we're able to help you select the right materials for the job at hand.  And we deliver right to your job site. 

But our work does not end when building materials leave our lot or are delivered to your building site.

In the middle of a project and have a question?   Give us a call...someone here has probably been through exactly what you are going through.

Materials you ordered not working like you thought they would?  We'll come to the site and take a look... sometimes another pair of eyes is all that's needed.

Need help choosing the right person or company for a job?  The people at Ideal can point you in the right direction...they know the builders in this area because Ideal is the builders' choice for quality materials and on-schedule delivery.