With Trex decking, you gain more free time because you're doing less upkeep.  For instance:

No Sealing. Forget the yearly ritual of sanding and sealing.  Thanks to Trex's wood-polymer structure, you never need sealant to block out moisture - the cause of most problems associated with wood decking.

No replacing damaged boards. Trex blocks out damaging effects of water and UV rays. which means the boards won't warp, split or rot.

No splinters. The polymer in Trex keeps the wood bound in. so you and your kids can safely enjoy that carefree, barefoot feeling anytime.

No termites. Because insects don't like to eat plastic, Trex provides lasting resistance to termites, marine borers, carpenter ants, and other wood-munching bugs.

Easy care. The only thing you have to do to your Trex deck is keep it clean and remove debris from the gaps.