For anyone considering a new house, or planning a significant remodel of their existing home, Trus Joist MacMillan's Silent Floor® system is the answer to the question: what can I do about squeaky floors? TJI®-Joists are manufactured to resist swelling and shrinking, and feature an efficient "I" shape that enables them to carry large loads over long spans without sagging or loosening their connection to the plywood and floor finish. The Silent Floor® system also uses considerably less wood - at least 50 percent less wood fiber than regular lumber.

Silent Floor® joists are a high-tech combination of Microllam® laminated veneer lumber (LVL) flanges made from Douglas fir or southern pine and a proprietary web material called Performance Plus . TJI® Joists were first invented in 1969 as a superior replacement for joists made from ordinary, solid-sawn lumber. 

Floor joists: 
The Silent Floor® joist provides squeak-free floors for the life of a home. Because the joists are manufactured to resist the effects of temperature and moisture, they will not change shape - eliminating a major source of squeaky floors. The manufacturing process also eliminates or minimizes defects like knots that can adversely affect performance. 

Roof joists: 
Silent Floor® joists are also well-suited for use as roof joists, especially in volume or cathedral ceiling designs common in today's homes.